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About Us

About Us

The purpose of this project is to create a men's recreational basketball league. We believe that through basketball we can bridge the gaps that exist within our communities. We are looking to develop a platform that can fill in the voids that are apparent in our particular communities. By developing a platform like this we can ensure it’ll create a stage for everyone. We hope that the ideas and particular strategies developed within this league can permeate other platforms and social organizations for the better.


Core of the league


Currently we consist of 12 teams with teams playing 10 regular season games.  Everyone makes it to playoffs, the top four seeds take a bye and the bottom 8 compete and so forth


First game starts 5:30pm with games starting every hour after that.  Time is made for prayer depending on when prayer falls we may pray at the beginning or end of the second games. 


We have a reminder during every league day.  Depending on how the games are going we schedule it after or before the second games begin.  We discuss a variety of islamic topic but also real applicable life reminders.  We hope that these 10-15 mins we share every week are enough of a boost to achieve our goals throughout the week. 

Contact Us

Brothers Basketball League



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